Windshied Application Instructions

Take your time and when you multiply and vinyl graphic decals.  Most problems occur when you get distracted.  All surfaces must be clean.  Recommended the surface temperature is 55°-80°.

Check state and local laws regarding decals applied to automobiles

Do not apply in direct sunlight


Do not apply in the wind

Materials Needed
  • Tape measure

  • Dust or lent free paper towels

  • A spray bottle with 1 cup of water and one drop of dish soap.

  • A squeegee, an old credit card or hotel key card

  • Masking tape

  1. Make sure the windshield is clean and free of debris.

  2. Find the center of the windshield.

  3. Find the center of the graphic.  To do this, fold in half and pinch the center.

  4. Find the center of the graphic to the center of the windshield.

  5. Level the graphic and tape it in place.

  6. Fold the graphic back and peel the backing off the backing.
    Caution, make sure you do not peel the graphic off when removing the backing.

  7. Soak the graphic with the water and soap solution.

  8. Soak the graphic again, and squeegee off the excess.
    Do not peel the application tape off immediately.  Let it soak overnight.

  9. Soak the graphic again and squeegee off the excess soap and water solution.

  10. Peel off the application tape. Once the tape is removed, clean the windshield again and let the graphic dry for another 24 hours.